Imprint / Privacy

Imprint / Privacy

This is my personal blog.


I am Raoul, living in cologne. If you want to get in touch with me write me a mail, or dm me via twitter/xing/linkedin.

If you are more into my profession you can look at my github profile - and there is an (abandoned) bitbucket profile too.


To see if anyone visits my site, I use matomo analytics hosted on my php application server. I configured matomo to be cookie free and with all privacy features enabled (anonymize ip, do not track, etc.).

If you want to opt out of this tracking, best way is to set a do not track header in your browser settings - or use firefox and enable all of its privacy features. The iframe above will set a cookie for you, telling my matomo that you do not want to be tracked.

With this setup, my website does not set any cookies:

my webpage is cookie free

To prevent my visitors from third party cookies, I download every post image I use from unsplash and host them self.
Code examples will provide a github gist link and a markdown block with the gist content, but not embedded because it will track you. :(

If you find any cookie on my page, please let me know and I will fix this.
This is my page and my content, from me to you, not for trackers!

Hosted with renewable electricity

Every hosting I choose must run on renewable electricity.
Both of my v-server providers ensure this:
php application server:
nodejs application server:


If you stumble across my words and find yourself thinking what???!?. Than it is not your fault. English is not my native language, so if you think "Raoul, you are writing nonsense", please let me know:

Thank you!