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This is my personal blog.


I am Raoul, living in cologne. If you want to get in touch with me try this

I am happy you found my website, but I have some more profiles within this world wide web:


To see if anyone visits this site, I use matomo hosted on this same server. I configured matomo to be cookie free and with all privacy features enabled (anonymize ip, do not track, etc.).

And if you still do not like being tracked by me, this is OK, just opt-out here:

I assume that you will get a cookie to be flagged as track me not, ironic, isn't it?!
I think it is better if you configure your browser to send a do not track header. My -piwik- matomo configuration will respect that and you will stay cookie free.

Cookie Freedom

With this setup, my website is able to do things without cookies where other websites tell you they do need them. Thank you Matomo.

my webpage is cookie free


If you stumble across my words and find yourself thinking what???!?. Than it is not your fault. English is not my native language, so if you think "Raoul, you are writing nonsense", please let me know:

Thank you!