LazyScripts v0.3.x released

LazyScripts 0.3.x released - with MutationObserver support

LazyScripts v0.3.x released

In Version 0.3.x MutationObserver watches your DOM for changes and checks if addedNodes need to be processed by LazyScript.

The 0.3.0 release was a bit in a hurry, a typo in the MutationObserver configuration let it only work on my demo page :(.

With this minor step you get MutationObserver support without any markup/code changes on your side.

Within the 0.3.x version I want to add puppeteer testing, that the next minor version may keep the patch-level 0 a little bit longer than the 0.3.0.

For version 0.4.0 the idea is, to support more than only IIFE scripts to work with LazyScripts.

LazyScripts @ npm
LazyScripts @ github
LazyScripts in demo

Article Image from Holger Link via unsplash and ghost .